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Most professionals title this page as "ABOUT ME" or "BIO"...

The idea of working with a coach, is to make it about YOU! However, in this case though, if I were you, I would want to know what separates this coach from others... Does the coach have any personal experiences in the matters challenging me? Does the coach possess any training that is "Coach specific"? Does the coach have any real-life, industry specific professional experiences with any of the matters close to me? Does the coach have a personal success story that I can relate to? Has he gained knowledge from those experiences and now possesses a unique and respective skill set? As a result, does he appear to have a knowledge base which he integrates into his real life, now making better personal choices which I can also learn from? Has he had and overcome personal and professional real life obstacles and in similar matters and situations to mine? What sort of background does the coach possess which I may be able to relate to, if any? What education, training does this coach have that is specific to what I need or may benefit from? Does it appear that I can relate to this coach?

In other words, If you were going to start training for a Marathon, would be more likely to hire a Coach who had a degree in sports science and taught sports science at College, or a Coach who has a background that includes his/her overcoming trials and tribulations of training while also working a day job, providing for a family, and became successful at running, swimming, and accomplishing their personal goal and now offers tools, tips and training advice from his/her own skillset derived as a result? 

I am a collaborative, solution-focused Holistic Life Style, Fitness & Recovery Life Coach. Training to fit within these styles of coaching and through my personal approach, I provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address both professional and personal life challenges. I also integrate coaching techniques from a variety of models and disciplines with an emphasis on NLP (neuro linguistic programming), identifying life maps (belief systems), changing words/language/belief patterns, and am goal oriented with solution based outcomes, while also integrating relaxation techniques and a holistic approach for mind, body, spirit connection-balancing. I will always provide helpful resources and assignments fitting to offer you a highly-personalized coaching program tailored to you. There is NO COOKIE CUTTER approach for ALL people nor is there ONE WAY and only one way to coaching. Each person is an individual with completely different challenges in mind or goals on the table. Therefore, different coaching models must be applied respectively. YOU WILL HAVE HOMEWORK in order for anything to work with lasting results. I cannot fix the problem for you, but I can be supportive, offer tools to empower you and offer a new pair of goggles from which to examine the problem and cheer you on while walking through the fires with you. We will work through it all together! Sometimes there will tears, a little discomfort as you break through old patterns that have not worked, but mostly there will be laughter! If I don't feel like you are benefitting from my coaching or our services in a significant way, and if it's not positively impacting you, I will be the first to point this out. There is no need for you to pay me if it's simply not working. We will discover rather quickly if we are the right fit, if we are not, and then we will find you a better match and I will refer you to another professional. It's important to know that This IS NOT THERAPY! These personal coaching sessions are paid with your hard earned money, we want it to work! We want you to see results!

It's collaborative effort... My coaching is influenced both by my personal and professional experiences as a mentor, sponsor, martial arts Guru/Instructor, spiritual advisor, fitness trainer, business consultant, yet, I do actually speak from a heart-centered base with empathy, compassion and understanding, non-judgment while also maintaining strict boundaries which allow me to offer suggestions for better life positioning aligned with your soul purpose and positive movement towards the light of your personal, professional and athletic goals. I will work with you to help build on your strengths, find the right tools and approach to help you attain the personal growth, power and liberation you are committed to achieving.There is NO COOKIE CUTTER approach for ALL people nor is there ONE WAY and only one way to coaching.

I am a professional Holistic LifeStyle, Recovery Life Coach who specializes in personal growth, mind-body-spirit connection and integration, peak performance (for sports and fitness), health & wellness, career development, Recovery/Sobriety coaching as well as capable of working with issues and challenges associated with addictions during the path of Recovery, whether if be with the person in recovery, partner, loved one or family member. My personal experiences and insight has taught me that even if change is sought in one area of life, the goal is better had if while also simultaneously improving all areas of life... Thus the reason I call it Life Style Coaching with a Holistic Approach. I basically believe that if only one goal such as better job or relationship is sought, it won't hold up for very long if other areas of life which are imbalanced are not also addressed and corrected; through examination and work on the Wheel of Life as one model for reference.

I see clients in professional offices located in Englewood, and Littleton areas and I am also willing to go to you, meet you, and also provide sessions over the telephone, via skype, and meetings-to-go.


I am a Colorado Native. I began attending community college at Red Rocks (let's just say over 20 years ago) majoring in criminal justice. I have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice, a certificate in Business Administration, a certificate in Paralegal Studies and Legal Investigations. I ownded and operated Legal Investigation / Bail Bond Agency for over 22 years. Embarking on a new life journey, with a new family, and on a new adventure, after working in a Detox facility and as an Addiction Counselor for many years, I discovered an approach that I personally feel, better serves people in recovery. It's a unique approach here in Colorado, Recovery / Sobriety Coaching. 

Specific to working with Recovery Life Coaching Clients; my background and training includes:

Certified as a "Hypnotic-Coach", trained and practiced as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a certificate in Homeopathic Therapeutics, certified in Jin Shin (High Touch Network), certified in Cosmic Energy Healing Arts, certified in cranial sacral therapies, certified in Past Life Regression, certified in Alchemical Hypnosis, and certified as a "Hypnotherapist", as well as in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching. 

For the past several years now I have been operating full time devoting myself to teaching and coaching martial arts & fitness while advocating and teaching alternatives to active addiction use through a Life Style choice approach to healthy, clean and sober life style living as well as assisting others reach their new career goals and develop their own gifts. I've been called a teacher's teacher and even have experiences helping people develop their intuitive gifts while helping them to unfold and discover their true and authentic selves as well as helping them come out of the closet (so to speak) and reveal their psychic abilities and gifts to friends, family and the world...

I felt it important to be transparent and reflect my vast experiences both personally and professionally so you get a picture in advance of who your coach is... All this to be said, to reflect that not only do I possess a professional skill set to coach from as a stand-alone with respect to my education and training, but additionally,  I've been there and have the T-Shirt to prove it! I don't just coach out of a manual, but I also don't just shoot from the hip either. When developing businesses in past, the processes have been filled with ups/downs and high risks. I have an entrepreneurial spirit which also goes along with my persistence to persevere through the years and for years in my dedicated training in athletics, sports and martial arts. During this time I've learned what it looks and feels like to overcome injuries, adjust my training routines, deal with set backs and have also gone beyond my benchmarks I had previously never thought possible. I've personally endured through challenges, adversities, struggles, and the many obstacles associated with divorce, custody battles, loss of family and loved ones, loss of businesses due to bad decisions, bad timing and divorce, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy. I've stood back up each time and I maintain a keep on, keeping on attitude! I've had my own personal conversations with GOD and I've even spoken to dead people! I've gone on spiritual quests, retreats, sought out many types of spiritual paths (former president of the Buddha's Light International Association) and have helped found non-profit meditation centers and support groups. I've spent time with many different Gurus and have even become titled a "Guru" myself in a rare mystical esoteric traditions.. All this to be said, not to boast or brag, certainly about my failures, but I put it all out on the table to reflect that not only do I have training, coaching tools, motivational tools, mental, physical and spiritual exercises to offer you and assist you with, but I've also probably been right where you are. I'm Human! Personally, I've tended to work better with mentors, sponsors, and coaches who have delt with life's ups and downs on life's terms and overcome their own adversities and personal challenges that I can also relate to. I've personally, thankfully, always had mentors, sponsors, coaches, elders, Gurus, and personal Teachers of one kind or another at any given point in my life, who has guided me, assisted me and whom I've benefited from and their services. While I have amazing friends and an extensive support network of wonderful family and people in my life, it's not the same as when sharing and learning from a my mentor, sponsor or coach. Sometimes I need to see things from a different perspective. I get it!

I'm here and available to coach you through it too, to get you to the other side of it, to reach that next goal whatever it may be... To go Beyond the Steps... Outside of the rooms... Outside of your comfort zone... UP into the next level... Whatever that may look like for you. As a team, we will form a partnership and we will get there.

I'm confident I have the tools to help support you on your journey wherever were going...

Coaching & Hypnotherapy (relevant trainings)
-Life Style & Fitness Coaching
-Certified Life Coach
-Certified Hypnotic-Coach (Colorado Coaching & Hypnotherapy Training Institute)
-Certified Hypnotherapist (Colorado Coaching & Hypnotherapy Training Institute) 

Specialized Trainings & Specialty Certifications
-Peer Recovery Support Specialist/Addiction Recovery Coach Training

-State Registered Psychotherapist
-State Registered Colorado Peer & Family Specialist
-Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
-Certified NLP Practitioner
-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
-Regression Therapy
-Sports Hypnosis

 Colorado Certified Addictions Counselor Program courses