RECOVERY MOJO!Out of the Grip! Back on Top!


Mountain View

WHAT? WHAT'S DRAGON MOJO? Glad you ask...

"DRAGON MOJO" is Brian's own personal expression of his holistic approach to recovery...

The Dragon is the highest form of achievement in certain traditional Chinese and Indonesian martial arts systems. It's esoteric, it's elusive, often thought to be the very void from which all things emerge and into which all things return. The Dragon can also represent the highest level of balance of both Heaven and Earth Qi (life forces). The idea of walking in the middle path, the idea of no longer being impacted for long periods of time by any one particular emotion. Brian has literally overcome obstacles that most people will think sound impossible. His expression of Recovery, his "Dragon Mojo" derives not only from education (in fact, it having very little to do with the books), trainings, and most importantly from the intimate sittings with Gurus, Budddhist monks and his his traditional martial and healing arts teachers. It's from his own personal journey to which he developed his personal program with a Holistic Approach to a more meaningful and purposeful life while keeping a steady focus of working towards a balance with mind, body spirit-connection. In the rat race, urban jungle, modern day urban warrior, wrestling with dragons, and juggling many components and distractions like we all do in life. Dragon Mojo It's what's developed over the past 14 years of his most recent duration of clean and sober living... It's a culmination of trials and errors, overcoming regrets, overcoming fears, Loss, self-forgiveness, great triumphs and successes, money gain/money loss, finally fully realizing and believing what he had been teaching all along. That it IS OKAY to go after what you want even if it's not what our family, culture, society thinks we should or have conditioned us to believe. That in a sense, we are all mighty magnificent powerful Dragons and have the power to move through time and space and move mountains. That we can go after any and all desires and have our cake and eat it too. It's our right and power within us to do so, once we've accepted ourselves for who we are (Acceptance/Self-Forgiveness), become self-actualized (Aware/non-judgmental) and come into the belief that in a sense, we are all Gods and in control of all things and events that happens to us. It's definitely okay to be wealthy, healthy, successful and you can even give away the shit that doesn't really matter too! ... Ideally, we want to do something each day for our Minds, Spirit, Body, and our relationships (this includes ourselves, not just with others). It's his "Dragon Mojo" that he draws daily courage, strength, this reminding him to endure, like the great and mighty Dragon... To keep moving forward at all costs and continue to move through each day, still, One Day at a Time.

Coaching in Denver by:
Brian Earnest, Founder of "DRAGON MOJO"
Holistic Life Style, Recovery Life Coach

Is a Strengths based Whole life emphasis, goal oriented, practical tools and applications to improve; relationships, intimacy issues, health challenges, money matters, career challenges, fitness goals, weight management, spiritual connections, sales motivation, new business ventures, personal goals, work towards harmony and alignment of mind/body/soul.

Specialized skill sets developed from my own personal experiences and recovery journey during my most recent clean & sober recovery period of over 14 years to date. Previous to my present successes, I am also fortunate of previously having 10 years of sobriety before relapsing. I now move forward with a new found respect, appreciation and gratitude of the disease of addiction. I have also come to the realization that Recovery is a Process…

Specific specialized training in Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Fitness, martial & Healing Arts, all this combined to offer Professional coaching services and self-help education with an emphasis on a Holistic approach towards self-care and next level goal achievement for those who are already engaged in an active clean & sober life style, those who are already in recovery. Offering Professional Recovery Coaching and a holistic approach towards balancing mind, body, spirit, relationships for those who have already acknowledged challenges with addictions (of any kind; alcohol, cocaine, crack, eating, gambling, heroin, marijuana, meth, sex, shopping, etc.) now ready for the next level of living, beyond the 12 steps, or as an alternative to church or 12 step groups.

The following is a list of some of my trainings, education, certifications pertinent to the services I offer and with respect to the many areas that have influenced me professionally that I utilize and draw from, specific to the areas of Life Coaching, Addictions, Healing arts, Traditional martial arts, and Therapies all from which I also derive my particular style and expression of holistic Life Style, Recovery Life Coaching:

 Coaching & Hypnotherapy
-Life Style & Fitness Coaching
-Certified Life Coach
-Certified Hypnotic-Coach (Colorado Coaching & Hypnotherapy Training Institute)
-Certified Hypnotherapist (Colorado Coaching & Hypnotherapy Training Institute) 

Specialized Trainings & Specialty Certifications
-Peer Recovery Support Specialist/Addiction Recovery Coach Training
-Alchemical Hypnosis
-Advanced Alchemical Techniques
-Advanced Somatic Healing
-Past Life Regression
-Personal Fitness Training
-Regression Therapy
-Sports Hypnosis

 Colorado Certified Addictions Counselor Program courses
-Certificate of Training, "Client Record Management"
-Certificate of Training, "Addictions Counseling skills"
-Certificate of Training, "Ethics and Jurisprudence"
-Certificate of Training, "Diversity in Treatment Populations"
-Certificate of Training, "Principles of Addiction Treatment"
-Certificate of Training, "Ethical Issues in the Alcohol/Drug clinical"
-Certificate of Training, "Pharmacology I"
*Former Detox Technician

Specialized Trainings & Certifications in the Martial & Healing Arts
-Certified Consultant in Homeopathic Therapeutics
-Certified Personal Trainer
-Integrative Cranial Therapy
-Kundalini Awakening
-Himalayan Cosmic Energy Healing
-High Touch Network (Jin Shin Acupressure)
-Full Instructor, Jeet Kune Do Concepts
-Full Instructor, Nubreed Martial Arts
-Black Sash/Sifu, Traditional Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Society
-Black Belt, Wun Hop Kuen Do –NuBreed MMA
-Practitioner, Hakka KunTao Fist Art Style (Willem de Thouars)
-Guru/Sifu, KunTao Silat
-Chuan Su Shi Shifu, Hakka Southern Fist Style Kung Fu (Willem de Thouars)

Bachelor degree, criminal justice
Certificate, Paralegal Studies (an emphasis in Legal Investigations)
Associates degree, Business Administration